We conduct services each Sunday at 10:30am, with both Chinese and English services held concurrently. We also have a children’s Sunday-School. 

1. Toward God  –  Worship
By means of praise, hymns, thanksgiving and service
2. Toward man  –  Edification
Release from bondage of sin and the renewal of one’s spirit
Providing life and enlightenment
3. Toward self  –  Growth
in spiritual life
in Truth
in Body (the church)
4. Toward the Devil  –  Humiliation
exhibit God’s grace
reveal Christ’s victory
5. Toward the angels  –  Demonstration
a show
educate the angels
1. Toward God  –  deal with shortcomings, remove barriers
2. Toward man  –  strengthen the person so as to be established and built up in Christ
3. Toward self  –  receive more grace, enlightenment, provision and revelation
1. Things that must be avoided:
(I) Thoughts that may be distracting
a) Do not talk with each other
b) Do not be distracted by things other than the service itself
c) Do not receive incoming calls/messages
(II) Avoid thinking of other things or people during worship:
All thoughts that come from the flesh must be avoided
(III) Self-consciousness: Have no regard of self during worship
(IV) Accusation: Believing in Christ’s forgiveness and thus forgive others
(V) Criticism: Criticism kills inspiration and it also affects others

2. Take the initiative:
a) In spirit and with thanksgiving, worship God with one’s complete being.
b) Exercise one’s will to receive the prompting of the Holy Spirit
c) By faith, will oneself to cooperate with God.
d) By feeling: act as soon as there is feeling without second thoughts (i.e. intuition)
e) Be not afraid, love the Lord wholeheartedly; as soon as that happens, the spirit
is revived.

3. Be proactive:
* Choice of hymns –
a) According to the move of the Holy Spirit within
b) To complement the service
c) Hymn number must be announced loud and clear
* Prayer –
a) Voice must be clear so the whole congregation can hear
b) In precise sentences
c) Avoid lengthy prayers
* Giving Testimony –
a) Must be moved by the Holy Spirit
b) Speech must be precise and sincere
c) Be not afraid
d) Watch the time
* Be Truthful –
All activities within the service must be without pretension.

a) The service is a spiritual one and therefore if there is no move of God’s Spirit, it
will be mere ceremonial.
b) At each and every service, one must exercise one’s spiritual consciousness so that
it is quick to respond (to the prompting of the Holy Spirit)
c) Before the service, maintain close communion with the Lord, having a spirit that
is alive and in touch with God
d) During the service, one must –
* Let go of self
* Come with an open heart